Detroit Art

Detroit Art

Detroit Abstract Art

Behind the scenes of my oil painting collaboration to highlight the city of Detroit. This abstraction was influenced after forgetting a loss of talent. After highschool, I did not pick up a paint brush for more than 5 years. This is the first painting that has been created since that time.

Every paint stroke, line and small detail.. comes together with a meaning. I love art so much. Detroit needs hope so badly.. I hope to inspire the Detroit community with images of abstraction art.. we are all like a box of crayons – different shades of color & personality.. and the names of colors are so sassy like the city of Detroit.

Are you inspired by Detroit art?

This featured cityscape of Detroit was placed in the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum during summer 2012. I am so proud of my accomplished masterpiece.

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit, I Love This City

Finished Feature:

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