#30DayChallenge – Day 1 #ISoarWithMissyDI


#30daychallenge 👏🏻🤩👏🏻 I’ve decided to use my missionary powers & social media platform to create a 30 day challenge with my network. Each day, I will be sharing something different to inspire & reflect personal growth- i truly hope that you join along in this 30 day program.

You can start any day // doesn’t have to be today, tag #ISoarWithMissyDi so i can find you! – i’m inspired and committed to sharing personal stories about myself and my business. I hope that we have enough contributors to make a platform that can be used for story telling and diary sharing. If you know someone who fits this challenge, tag them in a comment. I’ll send a direct message to get them going. So let’s get started.. 💯✊🏻

Day 1- There’s only one you! Describe yourself as if you were meeting someone for the first time, they had no idea anything about your past or your present. What would you say? 🤪🤪🤪🖐🖐 Me: I was born to fly in the sky. Whether that’s with the Angels or going from one point of the World to the other. Being high above the clouds is a feeling of power. I was born in Traverse City, Michigan, but moments later; I was flown in a helicopter to Ann Arbor for intensive care at the University of Michigan hospital – it’s no wonder that traveling comes easy to me. I was gifted the luxury of flying at day 1 of life; which has fueled the urge to continue my missionary work by inspiring different cultures with meaningful stories that are relatable to them. 💯🌍

This photo was taken in my other hometown -Medellin, Colombia 🇨🇴 on my birthday, Nov 2 as a gift from friends Diana & team. 🚁

if there’s anything that A new friend needs to know about me, I wear my heart on my sleeve & the world on my shoulders.

There’s no obstacle too big & no mountain too high #lifeofmissydi now, share yours ❤️📍