Saturday, June 12, 2021
melissa divietri

Social Media Consulting

Learn what it takes to have a successful social media strategy — that converts! – discover how to create SMART Goals for your business &...
melissa divietri

Growth Hacking Process with Messenger App

Growth hacking my brand using the messenger application on Facebook. Tell me what you think about the messenging -- Opt into my Facebook -...
melissa divietri

Always Find ‘Me’ Where The Trouble Is At

But aint that the truth?! For no solid reason really; just a challenging lifestyle I suppose.. when people want what they cant...
melissa divietri consultant

Schedule Consultation

Request a one-on-one consultation with Melissa DiVietri. DiVietri is social media consultant & founder of marketing agency – DI DESIGNS STUDIO developing strategies & building programs...
Sonar Music Festival

Sonar Music Festival – Social Media Intelligence

Sonar Music Festival - Social Media Intelligence Combining location intelligence + big data! Some tweak that I created back...

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