Always Find ‘Me’ Where The Trouble Is At

melissa divietri

But aint that the truth?! For no solid reason really; just a challenging lifestyle I suppose.. when people want what they cant have – and they obsess over it because jealousy is an ugly trait.. one that makes people do crazy things without suffering the consequences.

There’s been some obsessive individuals who are not giving up by blasting my name all over social media over the last two weeks.. these Facebook users are just stems of branches from influencers in the music industry in Detroit; no real relationship to me. Just a bug on the wall watching my life story and trying to tear it down with their nasty opinions. Their behavior is not only childish; but alarming to get so worked up over nothing. This is all quite sad really; how someone can take a hard earned name and drag it thru the mud to their public friend lists to make themselves feel good.

Social media is a powerful tool for communication; and they are abusing the power of a newsfeed with their weakness. Whose going to be the next target after me? This is obviously repeat behavior of these Facebook users who are not getting their way so they act like 5th grade and put that shit on the internet. Even after reporting the behavior; they continue to obsess over speaking about me. It’s just so odd, because I was raised with 7 siblings.. and my family raised us with morals whenever we had an issue – (with eachother, friend, family, professor, random blah blah) – you face that person “full – on” — What we mean by “full on” is you speak about whats wrong openly and get their feelings out. So many individuals have stealth mode – “deleted my friendship on Facebook, removed my access from their LIKE page, blocked my profile from public groups.” Over what exactly? Over some conversation from a nobody on social media whose putting my name on blast because of their own insecurities. How many times you think people want to be “full on” with eachother when its so easy to just unfriend each other – without having a feeling about what is really going on – and falling into some internet cyber bully shit.

“The comments have been a hard pill to swallow because some were from “friends” who I thought were friends. I guess words of a mother fucker; they think they can be great.. But after the 2-3 hours of trending time; whose ass will they kiss next? Misplaced Hate.. Instead of facing eachother; join eachother. Take the evil out of your life and heal eachother.”

They want me to lose my mind; and look crazy but I’ve kept my head held high by not responding.  ALL I KNOW – is karma is a bitch and make sure that bitch is beautiful (me). I pray to GOD everyday; we have a great relationship because I speak to him all the time. My angels are always giving me signs when they are around; playing with light switches when Im afraid to let me know they are on the corner… They will pull thru for me.. I dont have time to come back at these people; my energy is consumed into other strengths. I am not bored like they are lol but fer real. Let’s change how we treat eachother, yes?

Music is the answer; that’s why I got in this business in the first place. My music label houses international producers from around the world – submitting mixes to have features, photos / podcasts / radio shows – so much support from my network. As long as I stay in my lane; no one can touch me. These eyes will take you down. 

I can dance with friends from Venezuela, Argentina, Barcelona, Colombia, Indonesia — and we dont share the same native language except our body language. We sway back & forth in the clubs; use translator online to communicate 3,000+ miles away.

SO who are these no-names from Detroit that share hatred on their public newsfeed about me? I still have no idea; not even using their real names online. (p**sy)

Why does my homestate have to be the ones that come at me the hardest? I just got back to America in April to plant my feet again/ *Is their cyber bully abuse some sick way to make me stronger, to make me humble, to remind me to pay my dues…*

Who really knows why they are coming at me specifically – all I know, is these scrubs need to find something better to do then hop on a computer and blast a couple words to jeopardize my international brand. Have you heard of defamation of character? Well.. I hope you certainly check into – because its a civil case until it because threatening – which its becoming with the paper trails; then it goes in front of a prosecutor. Why do I need to bother the Detroit Police Department with this petty online bullshit when I live on the block listening to real peoples problems. Im completely embarrassed sitting in the precinct next to a domestic violence victim and her mom; and beside a father who doesnt get to see his kids because of crazy baby momma; While I’m over here — holding my paperwork filing a report for cyber bullying from 35 year olds? Lord have we lost our minds? I just want to tell these boys to stop sucking balloons; that helium is blocking oxygen your head and ya’ll acting so crazy on Facebook! Like why do they like balloons anyway? Its not a birthday party; you dont need a tank to have fun.. but maybe Im just so far beyond the present and the people who are floating around me (like balloons really.. just floating in space) – I am thinking about my body and what I put into it – cant wait to see what they are like in 5-10 years when everything hurts and their mind is gone.

How many females do you know that got it like this? Independent boss babes that run it; without relying on anyone around me to hold my hand; check on me… do the thing for me. How many sisters are holding down multiple businesses, professional & passion projects – while traveling the globe with a physical disability & chihuahua? 

None; which is why Im the 1% and everyone around me continues to try to crush my empire.. but my kingdom is too solid for an easy break – you might have won the battle, but you will never win the war. – Mel


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Melissa DiVietri