Increase Your Instagram LIKES

instagram LIKEs

Learn how to increase Instagram LIKES in less than 5 minutes per day with these easy social media tactics! Growing your brand visibility can be a challenge. Why recreate the pinwheel if it’s already been created?

Let’s get started…

Increase Instagram LIKES

Follow these instructions to increase LIKEs on your Instagram posts. You will want to have both of these items open and visible to watch the real-time results.

Instagram App

1. Log into your Instagram profile on your mobile device
2. Upload a photo along with a catchy caption (you may use a hashtag, but not necessary)
3. Publish to Instagram
— now wait

Instagram on the Web

1. Open on a website browser
2. Click on the post that you just published
3. Now.. let’s look for hashtags to add as a comment

There are different resources that you can utilize to determine a trendy hashtag. Here are a few that you can take a look at.. and the best part – they are FREE! As you find relevant hashtags, write them in a Word document or sticky note.


TagsForLikes breaks up hashtags by category so you can easily identify hashtags that correspond to the theme of the photo. Some example categories could include “selfies” “cloud photos” “photography” and more. TagsForLikes will create a package of hashtags that are related to the category so you don’t have to research what is trending.
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.04.44 PM

Hashtagify.Me is another opportunity to identify what makes sense when deciding which hashtags to use. You type the hashtag in the tag area and the website populates the top 10 hashtags that are similar to that tag. Review those hashtags and determine which to utilize in your Instagram post.

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Or use — good ol’ Instagram by typing the hashtag in the search box for populated results on that keyword. Try it now:

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Great.. you’ve researched a few hashtag ideas to utilize on your post. Grab those hashtags and go back to the website browser with your post. Copy and paste the hashtags in a comment. I recommend less than 10 hashtags — you don’t want to look to spammy.

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Wait for a few moments.. refresh.. Wait & Refresh. Repeat.