Burger King vs Wendy’s Heating Up On Social Media

Wendys Burger King Fight

See — I am not a big fast food type person but this is the type of brand engagement on social media that I would love to be apart of. The kind that creates conversation that is witty yet entertaining.

Burger King & Wendy’s Had A Show Down On Twitter Last Week

Round 1 — Ding Ding — Wendy’s posts about the 4 for $4 meal.

When you open this tweet above from Wendy’s, there is a big fan who really LOVES Wendy’s… this fan really wanted to go the extra mile with a proposal.. haha Wendy’s comments are priceless.
Wendy's Twitter

Burger King comes back saying 5 for $4 is a much better deal.

The comments on this tweet from Burger King got a bit out of hand. I am actually very surprised that Burger King didn’t respond to some of them that reached out 1.5K retweets! Eeek.. Crisis Management 101

But anyway.. the winner of Round 1 is Wendy’s with this response:

Boom! Social Media Brands Going At It.. very entertaining. But I must say, Taco Bell holds the championship with their social media posting – they are not afraid to attack brands.