Motivation Monday

Monday Motivation

You know you are on the right track when you have no interest in looking back

When you are a mover & shaker, you are constantly on the go — a socialite we call it. If you are a successful social media influencer, you are going to events in your city, blogging, connecting and tagging other media outlets to see the event posts.

I wasn’t happy at my social media manager role in Troy, MI. A big puzzle piece was missing — actually a few pieces *Happiness & Challenges* I felt like I was rolling into a routine.. which is not what social media management is really about. I would “clock in” at 8am and “clock out” around 5 / 5:30PM not really feeling accomplished about the day. The brands were great! Excellent experience but not a lot of communication to try new creative outlets. I did have the opportunity to secure panelists of my choice for monthly Twitter chats and train a team — these were the highlights of my 90 days in the role. Being interactive, engaged and educating < that is really where my heart is at. I wish I could take my recruiter team with me to my next role because they really made me wanted. Picking my brain for advice and just being down to earth. And for a dose of Monday Motivation, I've decided that this quote best fits how I am feeling today. "You know you are on the right track when you have no interest in looking back." Basically saying that you can't be emotional when you are leaving something that you know isn't good for you... Pick yourself up, get dressed and go out there. I'm literally inches away from creating some epic social media experience for my brand or another brand.. It's coming because my dreams are showing me the way. You have to visually see yourself as being a successful influencer or it will never happen. If there is one piece of advice that I can leave in this blog post -> never settle. Do not settle for anything less than your value of expertise. Keep looking, keep marching on and keeping dialing those calls. It will HAPPEN. You have to put all of your energy into believing it will happen. When I moved to Detroit last year, I had no money, no job and no way of paying my bills. The moment that I put all of my focus in my social media agency, the referrals started rolling in.. I even had enough cash flow to open a brick and mortar in downtown Detroit for my social media agency. I am still freelancing many of my clients because I enjoy the relationship.. We balance each other.. I build their brand and they trust me completely.

Just think about your future, what you really want to do and be.. you can go anywhere as long as you set your mind on it.