Schedule Content On Social Media


When you think about the individuals who grab content & post manually to social media — how do they ever manage their day? Last minute posts do not collect a lot of thought, engagement or notice.

>Take a few hours to come up with ideas align with your social media strategy. I know this can be very nerve wrecking for some people because they are not social media savvy. You don’t have to be a social media strategist to know what your business needs, what your customers want and what you should be sharing to become a credible source for the industry. Think about what you are going to write, research and put together for a content document. Use search engines to research #hashtags to grab content from social media, follow the industry influencers and look to see what your competitors are doing to understand what’s working for them. I save seconds in my day, not minutes. I typically have a dozen tabs open on my browser while chatting away online or blogging simultaneously. I’m an organized person when it comes to social media management – especially client accounts. I have to get it right the first time. If I want to continue growing my social media agency; I have to continue forecasting and keeping up with the trends.

Scheduling content on social media will be the greatest time saver when you are growing your business.

Why is scheduling content important?

  • Your thought process will make a better final product
  • You spend more time researching which gets your mind thinking
  • If you share the content with your client, they will be on the same page with suggestions
  • Saving time will allow you to focus on business development
  • You can keep your hands in monitoring the notifications as the scheduled content rolls out

I recommend creating a document with pre-populated tweets for each client. I send the content list to the client in advance to approve or modify any tweets before scheduling. Create a document with 30 plus tweets – whether it is sourcing original content or using what other influencers have posted. Remember to credit the source by tagging the profile page on Twitter. It’s important to give credit where it is due.

The Magic of Google Drive!
I use Google drive to access my “social media content” document with ease from any browser. This also allows for the client’s to make changes without saving multiple files.

social media tip

I haven’t found a rule of thumb on how many tweets should go out per day -Why?- because I am following many social media influencers who post EITHER every 15 minutes or every hour. I’ve scheduled my tweets to post every hour + use hashtags! But I’ve scheduled my clients tweets to post 4 – 5x’s per day / 7 days per week.

Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

If you are managing multiple Twitter accounts, my favorite tool is TweetDeck – you really can’t go wrong with this easy to use social media tool. I’ve added multiple Twitter accounts to makes it very easy to have ONE log in versus having to pull up the client’s password lists each time.



How To Schedule Content On TweetDeck

Here is a quick walk-through on grabbing content from Google drive and placing directly in TweetDeck to schedule out. As you can see, scheduling content shouldn’t take more than an hour if you are consistent.. stay on track, don’t get side track by the other columns.

schedule content on social media

Simply copy your tweet from the Google Drive document
Open Tweetdeck, click NEW Tweet – place the tweet into this area
Scroll down to Schedule
Select the day / time
and Boom — post
Scheduled content will appear in a column on TweetDeck.

If you have any questions or requests on social media tips, please send a tweet @missydi