Bassnectar SOLD OUT at The Delta Plex



My first BASSNECTAR show and my anxiety was sky high! The Immersive Music Tour has arrived!

Bassnectar Melissa DiVietri

The Bassnectar crew took over Grand Rapids, MI @ the Deltaplex Arena last night with a SOLD OUT show, Saturday, October 5th.

The special support guests were Koan Sound and Andreilien (Heyoka)!

Instagram: Video from the side

I arrived before 8PM to find a line wrapped around the building with people sitting on the sidewalks waiting to enter the show doors. As soon as I left my car, my two friends spotted me in the line. I caught up with Blake & Tristarz with perfect timing. These guys are a part of my raging crew, we attend a lot of festivals and shows together around the MidWest.

One of my good friends is a part of the management for The Delta Plex, so I was able to sit comfortably to the side of the stage to avoid the packed crowd. As much as I love raving, this show was enormously packed! I caught pictures and videos of the Bassnectar fans from the front of the performance to the back of the show with hoopers.

Picture credit on Twitter
Melissa DiVietri Bassnectar

LED hoops were so trippy! Loved the colors.
Bassnectar — we here!

Bassnectar SOLD OUT show at The Delta Plex in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Photo by Max Hoage
Melissa DiVietri Bassnectar

Melissa DiVietri Bassnectar

The line to enter the SOLD OUT Bassnectar performance.

Melissa DiVietri Bassnectar

Melissa DiVietri Bassnectar

Melissa DiVietri Bassnectar


Bassnectar: Colorstorm

Just thinking about 360 NYE

Havent been to a 360 concert before and most definitely thinking about flying down. What are the tips for staying nearby the venue? Shoot me a message!

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