Art Studio in Detroit


These days, I’ve dedicated endless hours at my recently opened art studio at the Russell Industrial Center – which is a warehouse in Detroit, Mich. This studio space is used for a double combination of marketing endeavors and artistic masterpieces.

On one hand; we have the social media, search engine and website development portion – DI Designs Studio. – during the day, I juggle multiple accounts while seeking new business development. I am in the midst of transaction of applying a more client friendly feel with a table to converse and chairs.

On the other hand; there is the artistic portion. Artwork hangs from the top to the bottom of the walls. There is absolutely no white space. I paint mostly cityscapes using acrylic, oil and mixed media.

————- Lately, I have been experiencing a whirl wind of different experiences. On a daily basis; there has to be at least a dozen plus people who walk through my art space. These individuals are looking for the flea market or certain artist studios in the warehouse.

So I’m ready to start sharing these experiences. If you follow on Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr or Instagram (all using @missydi) – you probably saw these phoos & videos already online! Kudos to the first glance, right?

Russell Industrial Center

This is my view looking outside and looking up.. I am really impressed with the infrastructure of the building. The odd-shaped windows, concrete floors and old stairwells making this one hidden gem in the city. I am very happy to be apart of this interesting art incubator.

Russell Industrial Center

I have been meeting new artists on a daily basis. Lately, I explore many different studios just to see what is in this huge building.

Meet HuckleBerry – Rescued Homeless Dog of Detroit


This is Huckleberry, the family man of the glass blower artists. Absolutely, the most well-mannered pitbull I have ever met. He has quite the story of how he was rescued by a gentlemen.

Huckleberry was abandoned in a park in Detroit by his former owners. The crazy thing is how he made it all the way back to the original owner’s home that same night. Many people were on the hunt looking for this poor guy. I am so happy he was rescued; I want to seriously squeeze him with hugs. I can’t wait to visit Huckleberry every now & than.

If you are interested in rescuing a homeless dog from Detroit – Contact Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR)

Glass Blowing Artists

Detroit Signage

I found these Detroit posters hanging on the wall.. I think I might purchase one of them – I like them alot. Detroit is on my mind all the time – I have to continue representing! #Detroit



One of my ideas is to graphically design more Detroit based passion pieces – whether it is Detroit Tigers, Lions or Red Wings — of my ever famous Detroit Cityscape. I would like to host monthly art gallery mixers with music & wine. I may consider having wine with a donation bucket – it was successful during the Open House venue in early May. I factored in having a food truck, 5 different electronic DJs and artistic vendors. Come join us at the next Detroit Block Party happening on Friday, June 19th starting at 5PM.

*Come join Melissa DiVietri at the Russell Industrial Center for an afternoon of food, drink, music, and neighborly fun! We are celebrating this monthly block party to make this a successful hit.

(Featuring a collaboration of Artists, Musicians and DJs from Detroit.)

*This is a FREE Event provided by hostess #MissyDI.*
If you’re interested in having your artwork or Detroit themed items, there is no charge – please contact

Stay Positive, Stay Ahead and Make Moves.

Smile Pretty

Work Day at The Studio
My day has been such a long adventure but in a good way. I started the day around Noon – it was an all nighter the night before- catching at least 6 hours of sleep.

I had a marketing strategy meeting with “Picture Gurus” another studio in the Russell Industrial Center. I am very excited about the concept of the business, but also skeptical because I can’t jump into too many thinsg on the ground floor. I hope to help as many businesses as I am able too in Detroit but my fear is investing too much time that isn’t worth the while.

I pitch the most incredible demos and live insights; but my trouble is closing. Majority of the small business clients fear that they cannot afford my intelligence. Lately, I have been accepting client work in exchange for commission. For every new lead that I bring to the business, I earn a commission fee for my time invested.

Phone Conferences, Webinars and Video Link Ups
Back to back to back worth of social media listening tool live demos all throughout the day. I’ve been on the phone, email and in video conferences looking further into hyper targeted geo locate social media notifications. I am looking for an intellectual tool that will blow my mind and fulfill my expectations of a robust tool.

I had a wonderfull meeting with Geofeedia, We Link, Social Bro and Ground Signal. I have my pro & con list for each one so I need to narrow down what I can afford, what my time can manage and how can this generate revenue for my small business clients.

I multitasked on updating multiple company websites, managed to edit a few powerpoint presentations, create graphics and apply a few hours of social media listening & scheduling. I’m focusing on an empire that is built to last – I use every second of my day efficiently.

The Art Bug Bite Me
I was inspired to create a beautiful painting. I turned the music on high – and went hard on putting together a beautiful abstract Giraffe. I’m breaking out of my comfort zone by creating pieces that can be universally enjoyed by many.

Abstract Giraffe

Want a Studio Tour?
Short, but sweet right?

Well, that’s a day
It;s about 1AM – and I’ve successfully made it through yet another day of being on the hustle. I don’t take days off .. because I look forward to staying ahead every minute that I can.

Tomorrow, err.. well today – in just a few hours actually – I’ll be at the Build Block Party starting at Noon. Hitting up Eastern Market for some fresh food and veggies. Afterwards, spending the day at the studio in the Russell Industrial. I have many plans for my success to continue rising, if I show up — that;s one step in the right direction.

Good night, xo MissyDI

Detroit Artist