I’m an Abstract Artist


I have been painting since I was five years old. My sister, Debbie, would pull out her red bookbag and lay acrylics on the kitchen table. She took painting classes at a place called Mother Goose; but I considered these one on one times as my private lessons.

Painting gives me a sense of connection with my emotions. I have many bad days; more than I realize for a life like mine.. and I formed a special place of existence while I paint. I throw myself into a state of a coma where I use painting as a form of healing. I am no longer surrounded by the issues face -on, yet I am confronted by dabble color to make a masterpiece. When someone asks me why I paint, I simply share “I put whatever Im feeling into this painting.. the journey that I am facing that day.. what I am dealing with medically, financially, emotionally, spiritually.. all of that hot mess is pushed into a painting… Then I no longer think about it. But what surprises me, is how much people love my paintings in their home or office. It is their prize possession; the masterpiece of the house. I just think to myself, how my problems because a talking point for a family or gathering of friends.”


I stop thinking about whatever that moment was, because I’m an artist.. we think deep.. and I mean really deep. We look at other people more differently than the average eye sight. I tend to open up my feelings making me vulnerable; this has also led me into trust issues with my relationships in friends and family.

I am an artist.. we think and see differently.. we are happy with being different by embracing the fact that we are unique.

melissa divietri artist melissa divietri artist

  • I’ve hosted international art exhibits around the world.
  • I donate art pieces for non profits and organizations in need
  • I teach classes on art therapy & painting one on one
  • I managed art galleries in Michigan
  • Hosted personal showcases in Medellin, Bali, Detroit and Barcelona

Art is what makes me happy.



Check out my artwork, donate to help buy paint supplies.

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