I realized to stop searching – true love


In this life, we often get confused on what is real love and what is fake love. The idea of wanting your partner to be that perfect person whom you can relay on for anything, share stories about everything & grow old together in a place that we call home. It can be tremendously hard to accept sacrifices that you don’t like from your partner; whether its a quirk that you don’t like or maybe their friend circle.

I’ve thought that over the years; that compromising is how you can mold your ideas into what you believe can change them. But I’ve been rethinking my values…because:

Forcing someone to change is not only stubborn but its a line that shouldn’t be crossed. You’re pushing your partner to be someone that they dont want to be. Real love isn’t selfish; it’s accepting and supporting each other for every step of the way for who they are.

Changing is not for each other; making a change is for ourselves. True love comes from a partner who is someone that will embrace your quirks, fuel your ideas and comfort as needed. Both individuals feel supportive and comfort when it comes to finding true love because of their connection.

Lately Ive been feeling all over the place, stressed by the distance – not by the space. I see this challenge as an attraction to learn more about my other half. I’m the type of woman that wants a love to last – and is deep yet soulful.

True Love Waits
How you act in a relationship is what you can expect when loving someone – for their trust, their respect and their point of view.

  • I dont expect anything because I already have everything– so how can we expect more when it’s already so good, so far.
  • I wont take things personally because it will over work my mind and make me crazy.
  • I dont think that he is out to flirt when I’m not around, because Im the best “as is”.
  • Jealously wont wedge in my relationship because if Im not what he wants in this moment; I wont be what needs later.
  • There is truth to saying “id you love something, let it go. if it’s real, it will come back to you.” I’ve pushed the limits of my partner in the beginning of our relationship to test his trust and understand if he is really down to be with me.

Unfortunately, I’m not the perfect person or partner. I’m legendary for being possessive. I’m a possessive person because I mold myself into the lives of the people that I love. I work on the internet – and cannot separate the online life with my real life because they mesh too much. I need that security from my partner because it’s a desire to have someone looking out for my best interests.

I always tell myself.. if its not him; then there’s a lesson to be learned from him.. A door that needs to be closed so that the next one can be opened.. and let the next person pull down the barricades of what was left previously. I’m an emotional mess.. a passionate lover but I will always be a dreamer.. because I speak with my eyes – and I long for a sense of purpose.

Time is only an illusion.. Albert Einstein shares this.. your highs and lows will determine how your time passes. I long for a strong bond to be formed with someone; even if my stubborn behavior and jealous fixtures take over me, I’d prefer that it doesnt back us down. Still wishing and waiting.

xo M