Abstract Art

Swirls Painting

Art is my passion; I put my heart & soul in every painting. I spend hours mixing colors and applying layers on top of one another to create the perfect masterpiece. In this particular painting, I used acrylic on canvas to make this abstraction.

My inspiration was developed from multiple searches on Google. I am going through an “artist phase” where this particular style is common on a lot of my pieces.

This is a step by step process that I spent to make this abstraction. I do not sell my paintings because I feel that this passion does not need to be sold with money, but sold with love.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is different; a unique approach to make something that every person will look at but feel something different. People will stare at your abstract art & different collection of thoughts will come across their mind.

I love what I do as an artist. Art is my form of creativity to express how I am doing. I stress out a lot & painting takes away a lot of those worries. I will continue to paint because this is a hobby that I love to do. I hope to own an art gallery one day so I can finally sell my paintings to true art lovers. Not to say that my fans are not true art lovers BUT I want the right place & right time to hang up the pieces for multiple people to enjoy.