Interactive Media Designer Business Card

Interactive Media Designer

Business Card Design

Because I go to so many different conferences and conventions; it is important for industry professionals to remember my face along with my business services. I decided to take a selfie, mobile self portrait, slap that on the front of my business card design. I design everything for my own… From social media cover images to website development.

Business Card Designs should be simple, brand yourself & make a mark..

Graphic Design Business Card


DESIGN: Brand yourself with something memorable, a logo or a trademark that identifies you!

PAPER: Use cardstock paper; whether it is gloss or dull — something that will feel nice when someone holds it.

CONTACT: Provide enough information with website links and contact information.

So far, I really like this business card design because of simplicity & consistency. I use the photo on my social media profiles to keep the flow of print to digital media.

Interactive Media Designer

The photo is also used on my graduation profile cover:
Design Graduate Portfolio