There are moments that can shake you

Life of of missydi

There are moments that can shake you; i personally have many throughout the day #empath

When you have an illness / condition/ disability… however you label it- life is about defending for yourself now. You’re mentally battling games that cause fatigue.. stress.. pain.. discomfort… then to do it all over again. Trust in God’s Plan. Prayer is the answer… ask for help, and you will be granted lil angels

My college sweetheart of 6 years, battled leukemia twice… once as a child; as you can see in this photo— im absolutely shaking from the remembrance of his stories. Even though you may personally not experience the same things, having a heart & being a decent person is sometimes all it takes. Give time. Give people your time ❤️❤️ knowing*** they deserve it & without stepping boundaries in their path (your path too)

These sprinkles of sadness activate something in my mind.. tokens to remember what my life purpose is set out for. To be the leader.. the token of faith .. when no one else is watching.

@bethematch ive never tagged a brand like this, but after reading the comments on the @reddit feed; I realized this was necessary to share. I personally am a donor ❤️ there’s a cute donor heart on my driver’s license to showcase this.

Remember… everyone has their demons behind closed doors 🚪

And with just a little compassion & understanding; maybe all these unique battles can grow our world into a beautiful community

CoCo… go find us a daddy lol 😂

Brat 👸🤷‍♀️

Life of of missydi
Life of of missydi