TEN Things That You Didnt Know About Me (Or Did You)

melissa divietri detroit

🔺🔺TEN Things That You Didnt Know About Me (Or Did You)🔺🔺

#10 = I went to university for nine years – Jackson Area Career Center, Jackson Community College, Kendall College of Art & Design, Ferris State University (go Dawgs) && Oakland Community

#9 = I have 7 siblings; and I miss them everyday – wish I could jump into past life with them

#8 = My favorite color is orange; obviously brightest color in the rainbow

#7 = I host international art installations; Medellin, Barcelona, Bali, Detroit, Chicago, Miami

#6 = Im a scorpio – so watch out because we sting ya

#5 = I was adopted ; ;and raised by my beautiful parents who have together for 54 years

#4 = My pup is my world; miss CoCo – a chihuahua / min pin. She travels with me

#3 = Im an artist and a music creator; music is the answer

#2 = I was born with a disease; called sacral agenesis – less than 25K surveyed to have this condition

#1= I’m resilient – life can knock me down; but Ill continue picking back up – no matter

3-1-3 – Detroit City