Itching.. for the next change – Let’s Go

melissa divietri

I am itching…and it is about that time!!! Every 3-6 months; I have to surround myself somewhere different, or I go crazy in routine of looking at the same thing (must be a creative thing). I just cant get over on how lucky I have been to capture moments / lil gems for myself… my lil netflix lmao.. The red eye flights over the ocean… after long nights dancing until the stars are shining… and being upgraded because I was so lit / late and with my chihuahua on the plane *oops.

I flew more than 70 times this year in the sky; cross hopping cities in Colombia, Mexico, USA – all the places of interest for me. There isn’t a secret for my goal settings; because I realize that I have a pathway, mission, assignment, journey .. reflection that I need to fulfill. Every time I earn, it goes toward rent $money honey$ then my passions.. debt will always be there; im fine for that. That’s the “way” these days as long as its healthy debt

How do I find inspiration towards success? Doing what I love… and for me, that’s traveling / learning about culture and language. Understanding how people live and love – what it’s like to be in their situation and how they solve problems by finding solutions. 💕 Open minded / Open heart / Open yourself

Now to find a plus one that will enjoy my swag; missionary. life . work. twerk. fulfillment. dance. travel. coco. lol – you never know when you’ll cross a path. Enjoy it while you can.

Change happens to those who want to grow; Im always changing because I’m constantly growing. With or without you; im going to do me. And a lady that doesnt need anyone but herself; ooffh. Watch out for those ; they are the real MVPs lololololol ✈️✈️