Take Me Back to Sunny Days in Bali

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you can always find me … in the paddies. 🌾🌾 I am taking the concepts & perceptions that I discovered when living in Indonesia.. and applying full-force to my relationships. I was a very-relaxed person living in Bali.. taking moments as they arrive. With the recent success of my network on social; the demand for my attention is higher than ever.. over 100 subs a day on my social lists and digital media blasts. I almost lost the true “me” for a moment.. I’ve sent the hard messages, emails, texts and phone-calls to ‘break up” with my clients and agency. I feel a sign of relief; I feel air.. I feel removed from their creative tape and restrictions -> this is my moment for my brand building.. and saying ‘yes” to the right people — giving my energy to the people who will bring it back to me. Day 1 – of no restrictions; huge move for my life / relationships / business & brand. I’ve started to push way, step back and say ‘no-not happening, this is what I want.” I have let to many people take advantage of my resources and network; and I finally found a brand (well we found each other) that can help a lot of people.. and im inspired to be passionate for this company because we will build this new empire together.. anyway we like it! Send me a DM if you want to be in my social media tribe; 👾👾 it will be a private community on Facebook.

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Bali Indonesia Enjoy A Cold Coconut For Me 🥥

Bali Indonesia Enjoy A Cold Coconut For Me 🥥 Happpy birthday to someone very special in my life!! @gedejames thank you for bringing me to this special spot before driving into the jungle! #baliindonesia enjoy a cold coconut for me 🥥 thinking of you on this day of happiness!! Happpppppppy birthdayyyyy   View this post on Instagram   A […]

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I Will Always Be A Bali Babe 😍

I will always be a Bali Babe 😍 When I look back at all the places that I’ve traveled, life feels like such a dream. I still can’t believe that I lived in Indonesia for so long, I miss it every single day. If I could time travel to multiple places at once, I would […]

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Still feels like yesterday 💕🙏

Still feels like yesterday 💕🙏 View this post on Instagram A post shared by MissyDi (@missydi)

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Words to dream about #life #music #dancing

Words to dream about #life #music #dancing 2021 planning stages January – Miami 🇺🇸 Medellin 🇨🇴 February – Tulum, 🇲🇽 Medellin 🇨🇴 March – BPM Festival 🇨🇷 April in the D 🇺🇸 May – Detroit 🇺🇸 June – TBD🗺 Back to the paddies at some point 🥴 I need the island of the Gods in my life! Bali […]

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We Had The Pleasure Of Sharing And Learning From This Beautiful Woman

Uno más! Tuvimos el placer de compartir y aprender de esta bella mujer @missydi en su estadía en Medellín y se llevó algo de arte joven y paisa para su próxima exhibición de arte en Balí,Indonesia, representandonos al otro lado del mundo! Bajo la creación de @flada.cu   View this post on Instagram   Uno más! Tuvimos el […]

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My Largest Painting Ever Designed

This is my largest painting ever designed; it sits in Bali; Indonesia. During the week of my art show; I was super sick. I had to see a doctor who arrived on a scooter… and take IV drips and coconut delivery to stay hydrated. I was so emotionally exhausted when I put together all of […]

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Happy Independence Day Indoneisa

( REPOST ) Happy Independence Day 🇮🇩🇮🇩There was a time of my life when I thought I would never leave Indonesia. The island of the gods. More than 1700 islands make up Indonesia, each one of them has its own language. most common is Bahasa. I lived for one year in #BaliIndonesia 🇮🇩 I set a goal […]

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My First Villa in Bali

My paradise … the first villa that I enjoyed in Bali, Indonesia. This was the view overlooking my living room. It was a difficult struggle to become holistic in another country. Not to mention, the resources were limited for medical attention. If something serious happened, you would need to fly to Australia for care. I […]

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Artist Showcase

Hosted a wonderful #artistshowcase in @greatlakescoffee in Midtown, Detroit featuring my #abstract collections. 👄 Feedback was beautiful, I posted my story on the wall so others could read about my condition and roots of the city. I sold a few paintings and gave many away.. I would rather brighten up someone’s home with one of my energetic masterpiece; than to earn […]