Vlogging – Sunday Funday Sept 22

melissa divietri

I’ve accepted that the universe is always trying to catch me for a swing — around the block or two just to test my faith in my plan. From unworthy feelings of being “noticed” in the city as the different one…… to dates dumping me on the street lol that was annoying a lil bit then later finding me 4 blocks later to call me out – “you know why i left” – — okay, no bye.

The last few days, I’ve spent completely sprung out just living in la la land of not being responsible to whatever because I’m so tired from consuming adult duties; just taking the bullets as they come because i just cant handle. Taking more time to put off as much as possible for real world issues; like “future melissa” problems. There just has to be changes as soon as possible; going out less and staying in house with my computer more. Its just hard; because I’m a socialite and I need to be around people.

Where to start? Other than, running 100 PMH all the time. From a confusing online date that wanted me to be his sugar baby; which i didnt know was a thing; thats how out of date I seem to be. To be a date or however the arrangement is – and they pay you for the company. But I was like, no, no no no no no. but thank you. im flaltered. Good luck on that conquest, sugar daddy.

Then round two happened on a date with someone from the music scene. But really, I was just testing waters to see if I wanted to have someone from the scene; but he left me outside the restaurant on the street lol after having a tripper like moment. He was the exact version of everyone in the scene who is jealous of the new age; coming in. He never leaves the basement- doesnt know whats going on lol so,. that was a terrible fit.

Lets just make the weekend worse.. by getting sick. After a full night dancing with my girlfriends; until 4am.. I tried for round two; and got so so so sick from someone spiking my drink. So stupid. I knew immediately; I was drugged – the moment I became light headed… so here’s what happened.

I was unwell at the club last night (Sat) which was day two of two in the scene; no money as always; a friend paid my entry on Friday. Being sick though.. which is the last thing that I want to miss during the week.. a dancing night. But damn, the entry fee was $30.00 so I went in the back door.. and said that I had to use the bathroom lol – they pointed outside to the portable potty… so I snuck my happy ass thru the side door. After an hour of chilling, I think someone slipped something in my drink. I put the drink down for a couple of minutes (stupid) went for a redbull and came back to my water. Many of you know that I dont drink in the club because of past problems… so I thought it would be completely fine next to my friend.. however, 40 minutes later.. I was passing out in my chair.. and had to call an Uber. The moment he dropped me off, I was hurling in the trees outside my apartment. A neighbor saw me, came over to check on me.. then I went into my room – falling asleep with make up and clothes on. It was exhausting.

Thankfully, my crew called me this morning to check on me. I had calls and texts to make sure that I was alright from the club; which is very nice because I really needed someone to just be there when I woke up. We went pretty hard on the dance floor this last Friday; until the stars were shining.. 4AM at least.