Art Showcase – Completion

melissa divietri art

Cheers to a powerful art showcase in Detroit πŸ₯‚ thank you for hosting me. 😊

Looking at space in a creator space in Windsor or maybe the WXYZ lounge to move the art exhibition For others to enjoy. Any options or ideas that my friends can think of? Honestly, The sky is the limit at this point

abstract art

Walking Down The Alley Of My Art Studio

Walking down the alley of my art studio… whew, the vibrations of the hostel life. We never took a night off.. I actually ended up getting an apartment on the top floor lololol Literally never took a night or day off.. However, what a boring a$$ life to never leave your bubble… months of that.. […]

art gallery

Overlooking The View Of My Apartment

Overlooking the view of my apartment — oh yes, three art galleries in Parque Lleras; how many folks you know that can manage that? With limited Spanish ** at the time. Yah. totally badass. I’m so sad that my memories are strapped in a storage unit; but for now – its the best that I […]

Selina Medellin

Have To Admit That Selina Medellin Took Advantage Of my Lil Cuteness; My Sweetness.. Everything!

Have to admit that Selina Medellin took advantage of my lil cuteness; my sweetness.. everything! However they actually taught me some valuable lessons in international business / culture differences. I hosted a beautiful abstract artist studio for months in this cute ass hostel in Medellin. Threw some BANGERS in the club and live art shows […]

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Art Comes From Within Your Body / And Soul

Art comes from within your body / and soul. There is something great to be said about someone who can create. I’ve always been interested in other creatives; as we are outlook all the time. Creatives are so misunderstood. It’s a bit crazy to think how I can develop a painting that’s sprayed across a […]

abstract art

What You See Is What You Feel

There is no alternative reality to what you are seeing – what you see is what you feel; and the more aware you are- the better you can adapt to the things surrounding you. Yes; life has another layer of onion peeled off; another layer to expose what is happening in our world. Don’t be […]