melissa divietri

Stay inside.. stay safe.. cover your mouth & wash your hands! just do your part, please.. Hang tight. We are all going through this as a global crisis.

Staying home in Detroit.

5 Things That You Can Do At-Home

1. Research outreach opportunities for brands that you like / or want to collaborate. I send a minimum of 10 emails to brands that I like / enjoy / want to build a relationship with on social media.

2. Write / start a blog – Words can be the entrance to opening an opportunity of endless opportunities… Inspire, motivate, shares stories. My first blog was 2005 – Blogspot; gottaaaa start somewhere

3. Paint a memory… send yourself back into a time capsule by remembering a moment where you were happy, sad.. go thru the motions.

4. Call a friend or family.. everyone should be checking on eachother. Drop a note; I bet they’d love to hear from you.

5. Work online, apply for jobs online – A mind is a beautiful thing to waste; set yourself up for success by investing in yourself. Apply for jobs on Linkedin, Upwork etc.. follow your path.