Let me go – Gypsy Soul – Medellin

melissa divietri medellin

Smiling? I guess that’s what’s nice about mastering a come back. God pushes faith into me. So many times … I just don’t want to do it.. pull up, shake off.. start again. I feel like I’m allowed to be the victim, once? Porfav.

Im an Empath; its hard, sensitivity .. because everything surrounding me is trying to f* my sh!t. Sorry, it’s more personal rather than anything. I’ve been cooped in my apartment during the series of craziness.

I actually wasn’t feeling well the first three days, muscles weak, and fatigue. But this is day five now, I finally went out because I don’t want to be stuck inside my house. I can’t breathe.. so many moving objects around me that are trying to pull me back. It’s like everyone thinks I have unlimited energy or something. I’m starting to get my baseline down. It’s going to hurt when I have to come home.. because I told myself one year ago, that I was going to travel all of South America this year.

Certain things are holding me back or changing my plans. I’ve said no to many opportunities it should’ve been yes.

I’ve picked up projects that I knew I was going to be outworked online, just a survival mode.

I hate that money runs society.. or my version of how i can do my lifestyle more ‘easy’.

And that good people can’t get health insurance, including me – I’m i’m not even allowed to be talking about this, I make my own decisions. I love living here, not visiting. Living. #gypsysoul #letmego