#stayhome im in the D !!

melissa divietri

The pup and I have returned to the mothership- Detroit. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ We are so proud to have battled the worst travel experience of our lives.

I want to say .. the airline industry.. WOW!; im turning my head the other way today;; as I know all of you are so tired and stressed (us- travelers too)… advice: dont put your attention in the wrong buckets. We made it… this travel journey was an ultimate battle of minds.. โ€œwho plays the better game!.. โ€œ it never seems to be easy when you walk in my shoes.

I Stood at the counter in Medellin for two hours with Latam, no chair – just trying my best to be chill about my medical supplies in the suitcases to take home… and traveling with my pup; a registered service animal, hola! Its obvious – my disability.. ignorance is bliss! – i Switched airlines after some kind hearted couple almost saw me fork out a few hundred dollars to fly domestically with all my Sh*t and forcing me to find a bag in the closed airport to host CoCo… after hearing my broken Spanglish- they jumped into my rescue.. all calm & sweet. They even carried my 800 bags to the other airline counter.. making sure I was completely safe.. my.. โค๏ธhow God puts lil angels around you. muchas gracias Mauricio y tu exposa!

Please dont get me started on how crazy things are going in America… im thankful to be on the ground. Our last flight wanted to boot us, for not following policy of Spirit .. when we were doing the exact same thing as the last trip. โ€˜Sitting comfortablyโ€™ reservation team even made sure all seats in our row were empty for the trip to accommodate the pup and I.. spirit supervisor expedited that- i didnt ask, she wanted too. However flight staff in America was having a very long, horrible night. One of the tenants even told me i was a miserable person & that i was barking up the wrong tree๐Ÿ˜– whyyy Spirit! You were so good to me all day.. oi, itโ€™s alright.

Im higher power than to let an embarrassing situation make me feel stress.. it gave me a headache though. ๐Ÿค”#besafe #stayhome im in the D !!

thanks to my epic ass – sweetheart boyfriend for flying me back @universal_sequence378

melissa divietri