Let me live in my fairy tale of a dream

melissa divietri travel

I won’t sit and preach – because that’s not what you come to my page for.. but I will b!tch. I’m going to bitch because I’ve always done the “I’ve told you this before” — I am adapting to online community building now that we are all in our homes. But what about those poor who dont have a home or somewhere to go. I can sit & share the number of issues for every country I’ve traveled.. fresh water, food, child trafficking, sex exploitation… the world isnt everything you thought it would be when you start to understand the darker parts of controversy. People can be sick as F; I see that everywhere.. in their eyes;

So, Let me live in my fairy tale of a dream, that I like to call my lifestyle. “I have to block” content, people, media sources.. put friends in time out lolol because they acting ignorant as F on the interweb. I’ll get consumed in cyber security and that will take over my already obsession on the internet. Will be back to #jetset in no time; so we can continue healing the world.. one moment of opportunity at a time. #lifeofmissydi