6 Steps For Creating A Social Media Plan

social media plan

Your social media plan should involve heavy research and strategy to fully execute a structured plan. Think about how your  social media presence creates awareness in the digital atmosphere using different social media platforms. Each social media platform should have it’s own unique strategy, see the differences of social media networks. Your social media strategy should include goals, mission and strategic plan that will highlight the company culture to gain the most benefit.

6 Steps For An Impactful Social Media Strategic Plan Process:

1. Analyze current market & research competition: In order to become the leading expert in your industry, I need to uncover the marketing  tactics that were not working so we may adjust those strategies that will deliver the most positive impact. Based on the company’s history, services and target audience, I will generate a ‘needs-analysis proposal.’ After compiling the research, together, we will determine which social media outlets would highlight your company in the most engaging, marketing tactics.

2. Strategy Implementation: Depending on which social media platforms were chosen in the ‘needs-analysis,’ I will provide a bit of background information in a social media proposal that educates the platform, what users are interacting and a bit about how frequently to post, when to post and how to respond to posts.

3. Content Creation: Social Media platforms host a different style of voice in which the target market performs the best engagement. After thoroughly education which social media platforms suit your company’s services, I will mentor on how to engage with your audience.

4. Community Conversation: Audience engagement is crucial in building a reliable network. Hosting giveaways, contests and freebies is one tactic in creating conversation within cross media promotion.

5. Reporting: All businesses want to see improvement in analytics. With insights and reporting tools, I can generate content that delivers what posts work best and what the peak hours of the day for posting.

6. Mentoring: Don’t worry, until your company is comfortable with social media marketing; I will always be available to educate the best practices of social media marketing.

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