Social Media Mentoring


Social media can be communicated on different social media networks. Discover which platforms are best for your business. 

As a social media mentor, I will offer consulting in the following areas of social media strategy:

+ education on how to identify your target audience using Google analytics and insights
+ training on social media tools (content curation, scheduling, listening or reporting)
+ how to generate content for social media posting, blogging or copywriting.
+ how to optimize your current social media platforms for most optimal searches

social media audit
A social media marketing plan should consists of objectives, goals and strategies with a road map on how to achieve those items. Start by brainstorming what your company would like to gain when utilizing social media. When you are thinking of the objectives, goals and strategies — keep in mind the following:

How will you stay focused on the common goal whether it can be increasing brand visibility, engaging your audience, driving website traffic or generating leads?

Who will be interacting with your target audience?

In order to achieve success, there must be metrics to benchmark each month to understand if the social media marketing programs are working. Do you want to gain more likes, generate leads, drive website traffic?


Maintaining respectful brand reputation on social media is a 24/7 job. I am here to make that job much easier & effective so you can continue running your business.

For more information on social media mentoring, complete the form below or send an email to Melissa.