I Dont Like Snakes – But This One Had A Deeper Meaning

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A beautiful, green Viper Pit snake appeared in my gang (driveway) while I was driving home with my friend visiting from Detroit. We had an epic night of dancing to dark techno in the city…

At first, I saw this green shimmer and didn’t think anything of it… thought maybe I was tired.

This gorgeous green snake was longer than my entire body… green scales with a red tip at the end. I’ve never seen anything like him before… and I didn’t realize how dangerous he was until I consulted with a friend.

I contacted Bali Reptile Rescue where trained professionals will arrive on-site to catch these reptiles. They were quick to respond and arrive at my villa to look for him. Turns out .. this snake is one of the most poisonous on the island.. so taking caution is necessary… but I didn’t realize this at first.

— a girlfriend, colleague met at her pool before a festival this weekend. I spoke to her about this experience and she explained that this type of sign is an awakening.. wow, was it so clear!

Bali Will Give You Signs

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This image of the sunset was taken almost immediately after I finished a two-hour float in a space ship looking tank that was filled with salt water.. I felt so refreshed after this float.. but it was after the fact; where I got into an altercation with a roommate that I wanted to be removed from my villa. I do what I can to keep the sass at a minimum but somedays – pew, just please don’t walk in the same line of path. No matter how terrible of a day that I may have… I don’t even sweat it. I look at the bright side, switch my phone into airplane mode to enjoy this gorgeous sunset and put my focus into these moments. — Mel

Whether you like to admit this — this beautiful island, that I call my private oasis, will put signs directly in front of your face –these signs will have special meanings. Some can be very intense appearing in front of you — like ‘hi, hello, you better change or shit about to get real.’

— Sign 1: Reducing my social media agency — I have been dealing with the painful, grueling emails / phone conferences to remove unwanted brands from the client list. I had to work a solid contract to basically outline.. pay the outstanding balance or you dont get access to any of your channels. Sign here — give me your credit card. LOL No, I’m playing – I am building two more companies for my personal brand.. One is centered around the techno industry – where I hired an epic translator from Mexico. And the second is around my eyes.. the blue-eyed- Queen.. where I am going to produce a product to enhance what God gave me.. these beautiful – blue crystals.

I am in LOVE with the client list that I have right now — wow! These ladies are so incredible; we do more than work — we attend music festivals, enjoy coffee, go to fashion pop-ups, coconuts at the beach for sunset.. all of it! More than just work; now we are more comfortable with each other.

— Sign 2: Reshaping my home life — in Bali, Indonesia and Detroit, Michigan USA. My apartment in Lafayette Park, Detroit will end on May 31- which is the weekend after Movement Festival (electronic music festival). I planned on selling everything in the apartment by posting images on my personal feed with the link of where I bought it. Part B of Sign 2 – Instead of spending xx hours looking for the best roommates to share my zen, I am putting my home in the hands of a local friend / property manager to take care of my home (at a distance). It is much harder than you realize, until you start to put the progress in. I worked insanely hard my entire life.. like I can’t remember when I actually sat down (for more than 10 minutes) before my anxiety kicks in.. and I need to keep busy. My villa in Bali, Indonesia is absolutely STUNNING! There isn’t a white space more than 16 inches on our walls.. soooo good!

melissa divietri villa balimelissa divietri villa balimelissa divietri villa balimelissa divietri villa bali

— Sign 3: When driving to a nail appointment, the road was badly broken in between Canggu & Seminyak. My bike has experienced some issues with the axel being off-balance lately (however, I had it fixed twice). As I came up to the corner, only one car could pass at a time, after waiting 15 minutes in the hot sun.. it was my turn to drive next. The road was off balance and I almost lost control crashing off the side of this broken road.. the road broke off straight down into a river 20 meters down. As I leaned the opposite way of heading towards the bottom of the road, a giant fuKKing lizard; which later turned out to be a monitor lizard — aka scariest dragon that Ive ever seen in my life, starts running towards my scooter. His tongue was 6 inches or more… just slithering away at me. I about sh*t my pants… I started hyperventilating from this near death experience… thinking.. this is the most out of control sh*t that I’ve had to experience. I would have almost rather crash into the river than crash into the lizard that was twice as long as my body. Nightmares, people.

— Sign 4: Eating / Sleeping Patterns Are Still Off– I really need / want / desire someone who can manage my life for me. Seriously, I am trying everything to get my work-life schedule together. I am enjoying my favorite food but for some reason, I am not hungry. I have been forcing myself to eat rice and enjoy coconuts… and my sleep is all crazy because I am trying to be available for clients around the world (all hours of the time). Pew.. this is biggest priority.
melissa divietri bali

— Sign 5: Drinking / Addiction — I pulled it off… another goal for a healthier life. I stopped drinking for 40 days – which is my entire lent; as a Catholic, it is important for my faith to follow thru on coping with a sin. I gave up alcohol for the period of lent – the first week was terrible, as my body was not use to it. However, two nights ago — I had two glasses of wine to drink ; remember the alcohol is shit in Bali.. but I was feeling it — a buzz, it was nice. I hired my driver to cart me around Bali.. safety is first priority as many drink under the influence (as they come for vacation). And I will not continue scraping people off the side of the paddies from their accidents.

— Sign 6: My Babe — Just when I thought that I had to continue doing everything alone, this beautiful soul came into my world. My last relationship was just about two years ago (or so). My lifestyle is complicated, fast-paced and hard to keep up with.. and A (aka my bae) is 8,000miles away… and English is not his first language but we have a deeper connection than anyone in my inner circle. Thanks for putting up with the sass, A <3 It will pay off over time.. ajajaj

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Right now, we have to make it work with the time difference and language barriers by arranging times to chat (very) early in the morning or (super) late in the evening… but music is our first language – and music is my first love… so it is absolutely perfect that he is in the scene.. and understands it. He made a song for me… dammit; he’s adorable.


What is the meaning of the snake spirit animal?

When the snake shows up as your spirit animal, it generally means:

  • Snake spirit animals represent healing, transformation of life changes
  • The spirit of the snake is connected to life force, primal energy
  • A meaning for the snake spirit animal is spiritual guidance
  • The snake as a spirit animal can be to provide guidance about life changes and transitions, whether they are happening at the physical, emotional or spiritual level.

Had a nice wake up call last night / this morning.. First, a viper snake just roaming around the gang in our paddies. 🐍 #fukkme (the snake people have already arrived) . .
As if I’m not already on edge from the cockroaches and spiders in my bathroom. But really — narrowing down where I put my time & efforts.. I have slimmed down my social media agency to less than a handful of brands.. the new workflow is legendary. I am most excited to keep the roots in Bali.. and close down the ties in Detroit.. 313 – you will always have my heart, but only for the love of music, art and culture. #SetSail 🔥🔥🔥
Girl you’re the baddest, no need to practice
— ‘Cause you’re so different, you always winning, no girl can match this —
They can never match you, ’cause you fire like matchsticks —
Keep up your image, angel to sinners, but you the baddest
🔥🔥 [ [ My Lover (Remix) — Not3s ]] In it to win it… I do everything with #purpose to get the results that I want… It feels insane to think that I’ve already hopped from Cuba > San Salvador > Medellin > Panama City > Doha > Bali in 3 months! ✈ || || || I have the most incredible brands in my portfolio; the most productive remote team && family back in the States. Jet setter… go getter. Catch me if you can. 🌎

Back to the daily blogging / vlogging and writing — visit the link in my bio to see what I’ve been up too #LifeOfMissyDI

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People Are Gravitating To My Energy..
My Influence… Heart…Body.. Soul

The right people are in my circle at this moment.. and the ones that are undeserving for my time are so far away… they think they are close.. but who has a better poker face — me or you? I purposely ignore messages, emails, random requests… if it isn’t worth my time, it isn’t of value to either of us… I can read you.. I am ridiculously emotionally intelligent; strong sense to body language, eye contact, and the art of making you believe anything you want to hear. Sometimes, it is just not worth it — you know?

People are reaching out to many of my social media handles for advice, mentorship, coaching or social media consultation – I feel required to help them (with something … maybe a small bit of influence that can change their mind) The amount of messages that I consume on a daily basis is remarkable.. and I do my best to respond back to as many as I can – but I can’t help everyone and I cant change the world.. BTW I dislike this word >> can’t << because I am a truly believer of ‘yes you can.’ I am the master of a bounce-back.. when something doesnt work the first time.. I go full-on.

melissa divietri baliWhat are my take-ways of the signs from Bali?

  • just take things day-by-day – stop trying to accomplish all in one day
  • don’t expect anyone to do anything for you.. only you can make yourself change
  • it is OK to cry, sometimes it might help
  • if you need help, ask for it — which are you – “helpless or hopeless”
  • if you dont succeed the first time, go again.. and again. You learn from failing
  • Be vulnerable.. stay open minded.

— I love what I do.. who I work with.. where i find myself in the world.. and surprising myself along the way. I wouldn’t have it any other way.. We all have our own problems.. but how we deal with them is the reflection of our character. I refuse to stress; I have this lifestyle to create more freedom for me… not the other way around.