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Had a nice wake up call last night / this morning.. First, a viper snake just roaming around the gang in our paddies. 🐍 #fukkme (the snake people have already arrived).

melissa snake

As if I’m not already on edge from the cockroaches and spiders in my bathroom. But really — narrowing down where I put my time & efforts.. I have slimmed down my social media agency to less than a handful of brands.. the new workflow is legendary. I am most excited to keep the roots in Bali.. and close down the ties in Detroit.. 313 – you will always have my heart, but only for the love of music, art and culture. #SetSail

Hello, Bali! Home State

Good Bye to my beautiful 313 — time to set sail, baby! Not sure what I will do wth the villa in Bali but I am excited for Colombia and Europe. Winner, winner, winner. Do what’s best for you.

But who couldnt love this skyline??

Detroit City

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Sometimes I am a fool.. but I am learning — day to day, just like you

🔥🔥🔥Girl you’re the baddest, no need to practice—
‘Cause you’re so different, you always winning, no girl can match this
—They can never match you, ’cause you fire like matchsticks
—Keep up your image, angel to sinners, but you the baddest🔥🔥
[ [ My Lover (Remix) — Not3s ]]

In it to win it… I do everything with #purpose to get the results that I want… It feels insane to think that I’ve already hopped from Cuba > San Salvador > Medellin > Panama City > Doha > Bali in 3 months! ✈️


I have the most incredible brands in my portfolio; the most productive remote team && family back in the States. Jet setter… go getter. Catch me if you can. 🌎

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