Running after what we think makes us happy

abstract art

Running after what we think makes us happy… #artistlife

Back into my gypsy routine… oiii vay! Mama mia! Stressful?? Its more than a bit stressful, but changing is always scary & never easy

We say fight or flight.. but ive never been one to turn away ☝🏼

I have to continue painting.. this is all i have left from the everyday fighting. Always with our guns up,.. detroit ways. Always wanting to start problems and cause ruffles lol it’s normal

Im giving three months to conquer my best moments in Miami — few trips to Tulum / Costa Rica / Medellín (for the techno) but super quick as im going thru soul searching again. What really matters to me…what can i actuallly accomplish in my lifetime, and leave for others to follow the legacy … i say #angelmoments which are heaven sent messages to give strength & faith in those who need to be reminded that they are a miracle — why destroy yourself for someone else’s destiny. 💓💓 learn from my mistakes so you can have a better future

Create Something 🎨🎨

New art series! Droppin 💣

New abstract art ready to goo!!