I am a leader who moves with grace. 👑

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I will always remain motivated even when I am in so much pain… because im a leader who moves with grace. 👑

+ I am cyber bullied every day because I am unique and confident in my skin.
+ I have to keep my direct messages closed because people harass me about my physical difference.
+ I am emotionally numb to pain and problems because I realized they’re never going to stop so why fight them?
+ I was born with a disease that is uncurable without performing the surgery while in the womb of the mother. Very risky.
+ I am one of 25,000 individuals surveyed to have this condition. There was no ‘research’ for what I had until I was 13 years old.

Even though I’ve listed the most common challenges that I’m facing each day in and each day out, my disability has never deprived me from getting up and going after it. It might sound like I am very sad and disappointed because I’m disabled, it’s the complete opposite.

I want my readers to understand what my mind has to go through for every battle that I have to take when I step outside the door. So tell me, did you feel it?

I am blessed with this disability suit because there is so much power. But I get so disappointed easily when humanity fails me ..💔 even when I’m not expecting there to be a challenge, there’s some reason I push back and every little thing that I try to do for a normal day. I can’t wait to be financially stable to hire a person as my helper. Someone that can carry my things and help around the house. Someone that I can depend on to grab the door or wait on the long hold times to reach someone for some bullshit disability discrimination matter. There’s literally always something going on and I constantly ask why God chose me. But I know why he chose me, because I can handle ALL OF THIS. Honestly, I think I eat it up with a spoon. There’s no other way to take it except with positive energy

My mind is so strong, it’s scary. Learning comes natural to me. I have to adapt to everything around me because of my mobility limitations.

I’m a prodigy from the conditions of my environment and the psychological mind games that I constantly have to face head-on.

I will always remain motivated even when I am in so much pain… because im a leader who moves with grace. 👑


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