When you lead a lonely life, you rely on your support system to balance your mental life

abstract art

When you lead a lonely life, you rely on your support system to balance your mental life. 👏🏻🌎🔍 take a look at whose surrounding you.. what your spirit reflects back into the world.

📝 the number of times that I tell myself ‘you got this’ 🥵🥵 I could write a series of books on the psychological up & downs that I battle as a person that looks like me. #noexcuses

I’m a different hunni since I left the D. I tell em, I am never looking back, only falling forward. Im the creator of my world. 💯🙏🏻

It might seem that being SOLO is so grand .. As I have freetime and money for myself.. but I seriously could benefit from a dinner my family like the good old days. I never see anyone anymore because im hopping & skipping to blow my #artist career up.

Do you understand how badly I wanna hug my mom? Tell her I love her; thank my parents for being strict and keeping morals & ethics instilled in my head. 💚😭

I do know one thing. This art game is going to pan out; im risking everything for a better future.

The only person that can rescue myself is ‘me’ – Im responsible to be confident in this #disability suit.

I’m asked commonly, what’s your condition? Will you be able to walk?

Don’t mean to sound like a downer, but this blessing in disguise, my disability suit, is never going away. I just wish it got easier as I grow older; but it’s the opposite because my body is fading away.

This lady at the UPS store walked up to me, stared straight into my soul; and told me ‘the birth marks on your back; they are beautiful.. like perfectly placed.’

I shared with her my spine and tailbone was affected by my condition && I joked that the placement of my scares are where my angel wings useto be. Her son’s eyes were glowing; to meet a real angel. I complimented her strength to walk up to me & say that.. as so many people walk past me acting like they don’t see me at all. It hurts for a few moments.. when did we stop become humans & treat fairly?

Her gem of a comment made me take a step back that ‘yes i do expose my scars.. yes my body is unique and different…’

But the #bigfacts that im confident in walking in this suit because this is what God gave me to work with.

abstract art