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Today was such a sad day at Kendall (KCAD) in Grand Rapids, MI. I felt so sad walking into the final studio session of my abstract art course. Our pieces had to be removed from the racks, studio cubbies cleaned of paint and miscellaneous art tools.

I am quite happy with my final grade of the class (A-) The entire year, I dragged with a high (B+). My creative work improved greatly from the beginning by feeding off the energy of my classmates throughout the year. My fellow artistic classmates take their painting seriously, with passion in every brush stroke. I would walk around the hallways and seek inspiration from the painting classmates.. Illustrator majors & Painting majors covered the walls with bright pieces from small abstractions to life-like visuals

Melissa DiVietri Abstract

My personal pieces have been growing since I began with this course. I added the fundamentals and concepts from the abstract art techniques to my pieces (have a look here). I love painting.. with every heartbeat. Art runs my life, I hope others see how much fun I am having when they look at each piece.

Melissa DiVietri Press Release
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