Excited For Europe


Less than 24 hours until I board the plane for Europe. I am a very last minute person when it comes to almost everything. There are clothes scattered across the floor, items that need to be packed and a check-list for my two courses.. but here I am, blogging for you!
Messy Room

I had my hair cleaned up at my sister’s salon, Hair 634 in Jackson, Michigan. She trimmed up the length for me so I could look my best.
Melissa DiVietri

Checklist for Italy:

+ Passport
+ Forms of Identification — Student ID is a great idea because there are incentives or discounts
+ Two Luggage Bags full of clothes, medical supplies, toiletries, the typical diva necessities
+ Plane Ticket!!
+ Headphones & iPhone / iPod
— new mix is a must!!
+ Book to read or work to do while waiting in terminal
+ Extra Cash
+ Camera with extra batteries
+ Journal to log memories
+ Nice shows & comfy shoes
+ Dressy clothes — for the Vatican!
+ International Adaptor for electronic use
+ Maps & Itinerary

What To Do Before Leaving The Country:
+ Contact Bank, Phone Provider & any important services that require attention when abroad
+ Set an ‘away message’ on email account to remain professional for your client’s needs
+ Arrange a ride to the airport