International women’s day

international womens day

Its international womens day… and I wanna give a shout to the ladies at the company… Jenny, Rizwana and Gaga.
Not to mention all the stunning babes from Colombia, Venezuela, Canada, Europer and more, whom made podcasts for us… making a dynamic culture of powerful energy at Di techno

The world is so small, you see, the agency made it easy to recruit people in different places from their vibrations. Their magnetic energy opened levels of opportunity… yet made me realize how much I have been spoiled and not understanding what it truly means to be grateful and humble of others.

It wasnt until I was turned on by the lifestyles of my team, that opened my heart to how the world actually operates vs what we see on a mobile app or click of a stream from mass media.

Power of prayer 🙏🏻 we need prayer for the future of our world! Stop wondering what you can do to help, not doing anything is counterproductive

Pray pray pray and ask what to do. God knows what to do from there.

We live in a special time, dont take these moments for granted

🗺 ✈️