I miss the days when ☀️ Life was so simple

Life of of missydi

I miss the days when ☀️

Life was so simple. And you could look at someone without having a hidden agenda & social anxiety wasn’t real; the awkwardness was only apart of imagination.

Does anybody feel like this? ☝🏼

Take me back… to when I could wake up from this dream of having to move 100mph while the world spins slow… my mind wasn’t caught up in other people’s problems but focused on my own dreams & faith. Prayer 🙏🏻

Life has never been easy, not even for a split second. The moving & shakin of mobility issues.. and mental battles in the industry- my life has more harder days than easy; especially with the government & health insurance case workers. I could never look back for anything because im everything but simple. If God wants to make me a mess, and I choose not to ask for help; then ill handle it 👊 i think smart, street smart.

Id rather having this condition than anyone else. Id never learn ‘grit’ or taking risks to be as successful as I am now. Id be chilling at home; instead of fighting every damn day.

I miss my mindset… before I realized what people were doing around me… and questioning 3x over the intentions of the folks placed in my path.

What am I chasing anymore? A dollar & a dream to make happiness for other people. Heaven has a special seat waiting.. but there’s many more experiences that im supposed to complete. I cant explain why im still alive after the ridiculous amount of life scares… now im fearless!!

Proud to say that I am self made with everything that I have in front of me. Making my own memories of what purpose means to me. Selecting my friend group + work colleagues…

Dating in Miami is almost a real life sitcom; a joke, seriously. Im soooooooooooooo beyond exhausted from the cycle of the same conversations + different day. Im tired of hustlin all the time.. from the moment my eyes open until I pass out from chronic fatigue. Then to be carted away by the f*ckboys that are manicured perfectly & only enjoy my company for my status + flash… Can I fly away yet?
When do the angel wings pop out to find a good one, well deserved and loyal plus one ☝🏼 see the true colors and intentions for my mission

Life of of missydi
Life of of missydi
Life of of missydi
Life of of missydi