When hometown hits hard… Detroit City

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I am broken Like my city. I will always have problems with trust and forgiveness. I’m not afraid to admit that this strange beauty is a different kind of gorgeous. From the Eastside to the Westside.. I am Addicted…. to the street life.
My adrenaline pumps when I roll through the city… you never know what’s about to pop off. I think that the insecurity and not knowing is what excites me. The madness of different communities, sirens that never take rest and the people who sit on the side of the road all day just for a dollar. And, it hits home (personally). You better believe. Skidrow is real shit.

Empty buildings covered by pieces of wood to keep you out.. these places used to have movement.. artsy, historic… stunning.. life. The shadows in the darkness & the flowers that still grow from the cracks… is beyond grace.
How does one continue to grow when there’s no chance of survival or support? I throw myself into these situations, I could easily hideaway in my apartment and not know what’s really going on. But why would I? I love living here because it keeps me alive.

Detroit is the greatest comeback city that will ever exist. You could never understand the pride in people and the sacrifices that they have to make for their well-being. It’s like someone dropped a bomb and no one gave a fuck.

I pay for my groceries and the woman next to me holds reduced price bread while sitting at the lottery machine putting in her last bit of change. I finish my shopping and walk outside, this man is screaming on the phone ‘ why did it take seven times for you to answer the damn phone.’ I watch people who are also watching me.

Maybe it’s my intuition…Because I am aware of all of my surroundings. At all times. I can’t help think what each of these people are doing behind closed doors.

It is a true believer that when the rest of the world wants to give you negative perception, prove them wrong. Be the best version of you.

Many think I’m just a pretty face, but I’ve got a lot of dark secrets behind these eyes, baby #detroit

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