Give Thanks –


Thanksgiving has come and gone… so quickly. I had a stressful week preparing for a social media talk in Bali –I was so out of it, I didn’t have an opportunity to plan for having dinner for Thanksgiving.. or what we call in America >> “Friendsgiving,” where you prepare a meal with your friends if you cant be home with family. So sad that I didn’t celebrate this traditional holiday in Indonesia… quite the bummer :[

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because mom’s home cooking is so good & all the siblings are together. I phoned my family.. pretty late (3AM Bali time) – 2PM Detroit time. We had a Facetime chat for 30 min or so. Missing home is hitting hard, I havent seen the family in a while. The family still looked the same — simple life with beautiful people.

Give Thanks

5 Things That I Am Most Thankful For

#5: Clean bill of health: Although I don’t have health insurance, I am very healthy as I have been eating better & taking vitamins each day.

#4: A business that runs itself: My agency is no longer in need of a driver to run 24/7 _ I can step away from email for days at a time & it will still remain in good standing.

#3: Opportunity to travel comfortably: I’ve been quite fortunate to be able to travel freely and enjoy new culture, language and financial freedom.

#2: My network: I’ve built this incredible empire of an international network.. I continue to hop around the world meeting people who change my life.

#1: Blessed for my family: It hasnt been easy to follow my dreams without hurting someone in the path. My family has been a blessing to be comfortable with my actions and accepting that I live a lifestyle like 1% of the population.

I spent Thanksgiving at a coworking space in Canggu near Echo Beach. I packed the entire room with standing room only ** As I was presenting my final talk in East Asia, on social media strategy. I had a lovely sponsor, East Bali Cashews – who donated bags of their products for guests to enjoy.

After everything was over… I felt relieved. I crushed it at the talk, rebutted my reputation & painted some abstract art that evening at the villa.

No Pain — No Gain

Not everyone is going to agree with what you say or what you do. I’ve been giving away ‘too much” strategy on how I maintain my business and work remotely online. I am taking a step back… and not providing any information outloud – for free.. or for any brand that does not deserve or understand my worth.

I found hacks in social media and I’ve been monetizing how to leverage these possibilities to build my future in the digital media industry.

On this traditional holiday, I should have been giving thanks.. Give thanks to what I have in front of me.. Give thanks for being healthy and having a family that doesn’t judge my lifestyle.

I stressed myself to the point where I didnt eat for two days.. and stayed awake for hours until I finished a painting. I put some insane emotion in this piece, I was feeling it.