When You Start To Focus On Your Priorities, Things Begin To Happen


I am a firm believer that what you put in, is what you get out. For every hour that you dedicate towards something of passion; it will come back to you in more ways than you could imagine.

I found my sweet spot on this beautiful island in East Asia. Bali, Indonesia is becoming my home — far, far away from what I was use to back in the states. This is a different feeling.. one of happiness, excitement and adrenaline.

Remote working in exotic locations

I met two beautiful souls, who started to record my day to day routine — showing the world – the in’s and out’s of my lifestyle. I am opening up to these gentlemen – as they are pulling things out of me, that I was always scared to show.

I don’t know where I would be without them. We laugh, play, tease and just hang loose together. I’ve never smiled this much in my life, I’m absolutely glowing.. and no makeup! That’s a huge change in my world, all natural <3

melissa divietri

Remote Working In Beautiful Bali

This small crew of mine.. “The Coconuts” — which is what we like to call ourselves – post up for hours at a cafe, villa, coworking space, beach or around the island to crank out endless projects on our computers. You surround yourself by the people who inspire and uplift you… Hours behind a computer screen? Yah, our days fly by and we cant even remember what day of the week it is.

We have this hustle mentality that encourages excitement when we are together.. work doesn’t feel like work, it’s a passion – something you really love and enjoy.

Working with like-minded individuals will change your entire view on how to maximize the most of your day. The Coconuts – literally we enjoy a coconut during each session & get into our grind modes.

I couldn’t ask for a better set of skills to be placed right in front of me xx These two are talented individuals — young, hungry and on their grind. I can relate!

melissa divietri bali

I can’t even explain the feels when we are together vibing — it’s like God put us in the same room and let us make things happen. Clay & Ronaldo found me — and I’m blessed to have these two guys in my world. I couldnt ask for a better trio to spend my days with…

One day, they were searching events to attend at Dojo Bali – my coworking space, and found my social media sessions – which were weekly sessions hosted at Dojo. Literally, that is how it happened — just one random day of unexpected and these two came right into my world – sitting front row xx

The Drive… The Focus

You have to want to do better, be hungry… you must want more in your life, be ready… this mindset isn’t something that you can learn or adopt, it’s something that has always been within you and pulled out when you have the right mentality.. focus, drive.

Our days go by so quickly… between the filming and researching clients – we are untouchable. I can’t wait to share weekly vlogs with you – show you all of the amazing things and memories that I am creating. I am so comfortable around these two.. and they inspire me to do better.

Follow my journey, you won’t regret it

xx Mel

When in #Bali 🌴

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