What is it about travel that makes life worth living?

melissa divietri travel

Travel is good for your heart, body and soul

What isn’t good about exploring the world to see new things and adapt to environments that are out of your element? Damn, I am constantly blessed with these beautiful interactions from people around the world. My energy is on point when I am surrounded by multiple languages and witnessing life that isn’t controlled or planned.

You think I’m crazy.. I’ve heard it all before but really, you just don’t understand my intentions
My dreams are not too big – they may seem too small for some people who are already doing it. I feel good when I accomplish my daily, weekly and monthly goals… but it doesn’t stop there- I want crazy fucking goals. I want to say that I am making moves in a certain part of the world… the whole world. I am good for people.. I have a positive mindset with a heart of gold and it gets me in trouble.

This lifestyle isn’t a “level” more like a mindset. You must be purely focused on what you want in life and why it matters to you….

Ask Yourself:
– Does it really matter?
– Are those people really worth it?
– Will you remember tomorrow?

Exactly, so stop stressing and start narrowing in. Hone done on what is important in your world.. yes yours.. be selfish to get what you want.

melissa divietri travel

Why am I like this?

I started to serious travel over a year ago.. in that time, I’ve counted 30 passport stamps in my passport with a growing international portfolio for my agency.

>> Travel is good for your soul.
>> Meeting new people in different cultures will open your mind.
>> Having empathy for newly visited countries will put a smile on your face.

How do I explain the things that I’ve seen in my life? You can’t explain them.. it’s a moment or a gem that just happens. I’ve been blessed with interaction and that is why I wake up in the morning.

I am growing into this skin that I am proud of, individuals will tell me their deepest secrets and passions – because they want too. I lock in the eye contact, smile and act interested (because I am). The language barrier doesn’t stop us, we still try to work it out.

What does free mean to me?

Waking up everyday.. proud of what I am doing. My heart is in my stomach as I think about how many family is halfway around the world.

I know.. it hurts.

But… I don’t live the average lifestyle. I want more.. and more.. and more.

I want to continue inspiring people from different backgrounds.. donating my skills to create an investment that they can use for their better good.

My voice is heard

People like what I have to say.. I gotcha.. and I am pulled in a million directions at all times. You think my social media monitoring is a nuisance.. and maybe I don’t respond right away.. or even within the week. But can you remember that I am an international brand that is also managing other handles.. like corporate or small biz?

I’m not ignoring you.. I am monetizing on my time. I only have 24 hours in the day and I’d rather work more efficiently than XX hours… ya Digg?

What’s next for me?

I take it day by day.. and that is hard for some people to grasp because they live in a planned, organized life.

If there is something that I want.. need.. immediately. I go and get it. I wake up, ready to work.. excited for life and here I am. Still here.

So peaceful ❤️❤️ I could stare at this view for hours #Bali #balibabe

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