All That I Know Is That The Feeling In The Air Is Different For Me 🌃

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All that I know is that the feeling in the air is different for me 🌃

I make moves so carefully.. especially these days. I’m afraid that I’m moving further away from connecting my mind to anyone or anything; other than my responsibilities.

I’ve lost sleep & money for other people; my health at a point of exhaustion and dehydration 🥵🥵 Myself & Coco first & family to follow.

You have to “be selfish” for your own mental health— I’m sorry, not sorry 👎

It’s difficult for me to describe what’s going on this tweak mindset lol the way that I process information and data is like 💥 for some reason, information processing comes naturally for me.

I truly hope to turn all my DMs into a column on my blog one day- the amount of hustle that I put in 💯 keeping up with my standards thru all the fighting and ‘teachable moments’

#silverlining #angelduty


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