Best Approach to Comments in Facebook Discussion ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ’„

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quick hacks to commenting in event discussions on Facebook –

Building trust is the first step in creating a relationshipโ€ฆ even if itโ€™s online at first โ€”
you may actually speak with more people online – because it’s easier to turn relations on / off.

First thing… music!
playlist from this session’s inspiration for social media – Angel Play in Spain.

Facebook Events Pages Are Underused When Connecting With Brands

When posting as a brand page, you must be approved to have the comment appear in the discussion tab. If you post from your personal page, the comment will not require approval.

For each time that someone posts in the discussion page, all of the event attendees are notified. This is an opportunity for exposure in the entertainment industry.

Manage Your Comments & Published Posts

If you post into events often, you easily know the power of why itโ€™s important to stay persistent with connecting with people. There is a section that you can view to see all of your pending posts โ€“see below:

facebook comments discussion

In Facebook events section, you can move your mouse cursor between pages โ€“ Facebook LIKE Page, or any pages in the personal and business manager. View which page is selected by looking at the profile image on the left.


facebook comments discussion

What did I do? I toggled in between pages to select my Business Manager page – DI Techno; it is more relevant for this event page because I launched a label for techno music.

After my post was approved, it appeared in this format when posting.
facebook comments

Watch the demo again – to see the steps that I took for switching comments in Facebook events discussion.

facebook comments discussion