Colombia changed me

melissa divietri medellin

I don’t have much to give but I always give more than I take. Colombia has opened my heart in places that I never felt possible..

I can’t begin to transcribe the stories and memories that I’ve been making while living abroad. It feels like a switch turned on the moment I left America… what’s crazy is that I’m more focused when I’m down in South America because I’m not distracted. I sit && work all day in my apartment or a co-working space on the internet And then in the night is when the real action happens… The real life story of my journey.

I am a believer that everything happens for the right reasons. Timing always unfolds when it supposed to. Your energy attracts negative and positive vibrations based on body language.

There was a mother or grandma carrying her baby and a small child – this child was Wearing a T-shirt that was down to her toes, walking together through the streets. I just finished dinner inside this restaurant near a popup Hostel … I was outside looking at the street art because I have an obsession; when I noticed them- timing. The woman walks alongside the benches where people were waiting outside to be seated. She was old, with a bag of gum in her hand and asked for money for her children whom in her arms. not one gringo gave a quarter or a peso. Id rather not say how rude their stares were.. we were not all raised with the same values, I get it. But if you want to say no thank you or no Gracias, that’s a lot better than making people feel stupid and out of place.

I gave this family the rest of my dinner; vegetarian restaurant style pizza .. I could tell by the look in her eyes that this was the first time the children have eaten today. You can do so much with your eyeballs here, you can say so many words when you look at people. She was really embarrassed to accept the food but I insisted, and we sat ; looked at the street art and stars together.

I couldn’t understand a lot of what they were saying, I think maybe Argentina accent because of how fast they spoke.. but it was a memory that i wont forget

When I finished, I walked back over to the benches and under my breath I bitched “a dollar goes really far here.” And I bite every single person like a snake, using my eyeballs. I sized them up, showing them an example on how to do angel work. We need to start remembering that “we are all on the same planet together,” we are only human. Be empathetic not pathetic.

I am living dollar to dollar, I shouldn’t be eating food in restaurants… But it’s the best that I can do with my situation because street food makes my body sick. I don’t want to remind you all about my emergency evacuation from Honduras after I ate street food every single day.

Now that I’ve made my point, i’m going back to work online so I can prepare for Monday grind

melissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellinmelissa divietri medellin