CoCo has a passport 🐶

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My pet has a passport for traveling abroad — yay!

After hours of research online for resources, forums, tips / hacks — I spent at least an hour or more each day for one month straight.. and I am still outreach to vets in South America. You most definitely need to be prepared for the worst.. and I mean that.

When we arrived in Colombia, we were being forced to fly back to the States if we did not pay a $200.00 fine and agree to see a vet in the next 6 days.

Stress level.. no longer high

We can safely and legally fly into most countries with her international passports. I cannot tell you how much paperwork you need to complete before you exit the USA.. Once you arrive in a different country, the rules have changed — if you depart from that country to another without going into the USA first . there are many many many many complications.

CoCo was microchip, vaccinated & met a new boyfriend – another Chihuahua.
coco melissa divietri

CoCo- MinPin Chihuahua

Miss CoCo goes on adventures with me now.. She did very well on the airplane from USA to Colombia. Of course, everyone wants to pet her.. her face is adorable.

She is always smiling…

Cutest #chihuahua

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I will not going into detail about the process to get her with CoCo. This was one of the most difficult moments in my life.. arriving in Florida with a 4 hours layover.. and being told that I cannot fly with her — to go to Miami in the morning and stay at the airport for the night.

The plane was delayed from Jamaica which worked in my favor.. with 10 minutes before boarding – we were cleared to fly. but arriving in Colombia was a whole nother story..

So today’s accomplishments for her international passports are a huge achievement for us.. I could not go on without this pup — we almost considered flying back.

Always moving forward.. never thinking about the what-if — why’s that.. just go, baby.. go.