Real Episode of Cribs – Medellin Style πŸ‘Ύ

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This is my real world episode of this is cribs — Medellin edition.. where I walk you through my one bedroom apartment to see the finest of my home office and art studio. I certainly make use of this small space — right?

Home Office – Equipped

With Apple TV, iMac, two MacBooks, lasers, strobe lights, a dozen clothes and random bottles of paint & dog food.. Life of a gypsy.

Coffee in Colombia❣️❣️

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What equipment do you use for entrepreneurship?

Build the empire of your dreams.. the right audience will follow.

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My base in Medellin, Colombia

You’ll have to excuse my homesick attitude from being in the cold lately. Just dreaming about being an Equator baby with my sun tan in Medellin, Colombia- however I know I will miss the gotham-like architecture in Detroit. So Im soaking up the moments before they pass by me.   Friendships come natural to me; […]

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Gorgeous 😍

From Medellin to Bogota to Cartagena to the coast of El Salvador in El Tunco.. Home girlllll (myself) has been around the block; beach; bar; boy toy – whatever travel life story that you want to call it. It wouldnt be right to say that I dont change my personality based on my environment. Think […]


Life isn’t easy…

But that;s the thrill of it, right? To continue excelling when you feel like giving up and letting everything else win.. I have too much pride to let people take me down. Ive worked too hard for too long — with confidence to take care of myself. #LadyBoss at your service, my dear. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

We have returned from self care weekend.. did you miss us?

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When you are a girl on the move, you want to be equipped with all of the amazinggg opportunities that come along with it