Real Episode of Cribs – Medellin Style πŸ‘Ύ

melissa divietri medellin

This is my real world episode of this is cribs — Medellin edition.. where I walk you through my one bedroom apartment to see the finest of my home office and art studio. I certainly make use of this small space — right?

Home Office – Equipped

With Apple TV, iMac, two MacBooks, lasers, strobe lights, a dozen clothes and random bottles of paint & dog food.. Life of a gypsy.

Coffee in Colombia❣️❣️

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What equipment do you use for entrepreneurship?

Build the empire of your dreams.. the right audience will follow.

melissa divietri medellin painting

First Painting in New Gallery – Medellin

melissa divietri medellin

Don’t Call Me Baby.

Today, was the worst for the name calling on the streets in Medellin.. Our internet was not functioning this morning so I had to take my happy ass with my computer a few blocks down the road to a park in Envigado.. I had an important call with my therapist this am.. and yes, I […]


Life isn’t easy…

But that;s the thrill of it, right? To continue excelling when you feel like giving up and letting everything else win.. I have too much pride to let people take me down. Ive worked too hard for too long — with confidence to take care of myself. #LadyBoss at your service, my dear. πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

We have returned from self care weekend.. did you miss us?

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When you are a girl on the move, you want to be equipped with all of the amazinggg opportunities that come along with it