Smarty _ Party _ Pants – On Social Media, at least!

melissa divietri social

I crack myself sometimes… I cannot handle how much laughter and smiles that I gather from my social media channels; it makes the whole lifestyle worth something to me. A lil diamond in the rough that I inspire in the day’s time..  Yes, I have an auto-bot running to distribute my messages to get in touch with all of you.


And 85% of the time, I do not respond to my Instagram messages! Im so sorry for that; but there;s a bit of crazies in my feed. However, I respond to comments — because they are public! And you’re not afraid to type something to me – I have a lot of followers; be bold and say something – 👑🧐💌



If you love and adore what Im doing… most of you think that I am a time traveler — I know 😉

Stay in my feed > — opt into my chat bot. Ill deliver notifications to your phone or desktop like this:


melissa divietri social


melissa divietri social

I built this entire workflow… if you’re interested in chat bots.

Contact directly or opt into my bot to send me a message 😉 most preferred, click.