Living in Medellin

M E D E L L I N . - COL <3
melissa divietri coco

CoCo has a passport 🐶

My pet has a passport for traveling abroad -- yay! After hours of research online for resources, forums, tips / hacks -- I spent at...
melissa divietri medellin

Real Episode of Cribs – Medellin Style 👾

This is my real world episode of this is cribs -- Medellin edition.. where I walk you through my one bedroom apartment to see...

You can have a flight refund… 🛩🛩

If you tell them in advance by 24 hours that you want to cancel.. This is true if you are a skymiles member or...
melissa divietri spain

Gypsy life is tough, baby.💄

I’ve always wanted to be a jet setter, go-getter. My dream is to see the world and all the gems that come with it...
melissa divietri coco

Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations🌎🖤

I moved to South America with my dog, three bags of clothes / computers, 100 goals in mind... and no money in the bank...
melissa divietri colombia

Arrival in Medellin, Colombia

As a young entrepreneur growing in the constant evolving digital community, I established a foundation that monetizes a reputable brand across my network. My...
melissa divietri

Lady Bosses😘❤️

When you chat with your best gal, for the first time in a long time.. and all of a sudden - you remember what...
melissa divietri colombia

Set Sail to Medellin, Colombia – Aug 2018

I am beyond excited to return to my glory country, Colombia.. I have more opportunities for business & friendships in Medellin because of its...
melissa divietri colombia

Successful Entrepreneur in Medellin, Colombia🙌🌍

It was easy to fall in love with the mountains in Medellin, Colombia... the way the sun crashes on one side but a tropical...

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