5 Things That Make A Jetsetter Lifestyle Worth-Living

Before I travel anywhere, I perform hella social media outreach when looking for things to do, places to stay, cost of flights and relax...
havana cuba

Havana Is Like Time-Travel

From the old classic cars to the outdated infrastructure and cobblestone walkways... I felt like I was stepping into a reality that existed 50...

16 Things To Consider When Planning A Trip To Cuba: For Americans

There are many, new restrictions in effect when traveling to Cuba from America… you must met certain requirements by the government to enter the...
classic cuban car havana

Hardships of Remote Work in Cuba

Simple.. stable internet doesn’t exist because of limitations but that shouldn’t defer you from enjoying the gorgeous country of Cuba… come for a holiday. ...
melissa divietri travel tips

12 Basic Must-Have Tips For Traveling

You have to completely understand how spoiled Americans are… access to water, electricity, internet, medical, phone… basic living arrangements that we take for granted...
melissa divietri medellin

There’s Nothing More Thrilling Than Re-Living The Past

Stoked to fly into the New Year with a stop in Colombia Oh, can we reminisce the incredible food, salsa music & vibes from the...
melissa divietri el salvador

Traveling in El Salvador

Remote Working in Uluwatu

Spent some much-needed time to unwind in beautiful Uluwatu -- I took the afternoon to focus on agency tasks at this beautiful cafe called...
melissa divietri bali

Our Villa Overlooking The Volcano In Tropical Paradise – Drone Footage

Bali is one of my HQs - we have a dog, bike, villa and hustle... I'm planted in East Asia for a minute.
melissa divietri travel

What is it about travel that makes life worth living?

Travel is good for your heart, body and soul What isn’t good about exploring the world to see new things and adapt to environments that...

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