Making Moves in Bogota

Making Moves in Bogota, Colombia

Making Moves in Bogota, Colombia As always, I think my life moves faster than most -- because I plant seeds and make announcements. Follow my...
Detroit, Michigan from Helicopter

Detroit, Michigan from Helicopter

Detroit, Michigan from Helicopter My home state is absolutely stunning - I LOVE Detroit so much, its ridiculous https://melissadivietri.com/category/... #lifeofmissydi   View this post on Instagram   โ€œThe world...
my villa in bali

My Villa in Bali

My Villa in Bali When I packed all of my things to move across the world to live on an island.. this was a risky...
melissa divietri techno

Jan 24 – painting LIVE in Selina Medellin

Thursday, January 24 - 8PM to Midnight SELINA MEDELLIN WIN A PAINTING Win Abstract Art Painting < feeling like I finally got the art setup...
melissa divietri detroit

There Wont Be A Next Time

If I wasn't addicted to the stress, energy, sleep deprived, all nighters, travel, break-ups, bullshit, fake shit, hours of dancing... I wouldn't be in...
melissa divietri medellin

Year Ago Today: Medellin

This was one of the most beautiful sites -- a year ago today. And oddly enough, I am flying into Medellin this evening after...
cartagena colombia

A Weekend in Cartagena – From my Office > NightClub

I wouldnt be me if my body didnt push to the limits.. and it's HOT in Cartagena. I need to prepare for the weather...
cartagena Colombia in Photos

Cartagena, Colombia in Photos 2019

A trip to Cartagena, Colombia to develop new business relationships in the techno scene. Follow my travel on Instagramย @missydi to see the partnerships. #doyoutravel โœˆ๏ธ A...
melissa divietri cartagena

Cartagena [In Photos]

melissa divietri cartagena

My Travel in Cartagena is Hot ๐Ÿ”ฅ

January 2 - Happy New Year from Cartagena, Colombia Enjoy the smiles! ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ Landed during sunset ... perfect moment after 3...

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