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Just feel like some crazy lady with a tripod😻

Just feel like some crazy lady with a tripod😻 #disabledtravel  There’s nothing easy about traveling internationally, and it’s even more difficult #disabled There’s always an ‘issue’ because I’m...

I’m Scared But Proud 🤩

I’m scared but proud. 🤩 Nothing short of crazy 🤩 I am very nervous and excited at the same time about my trip to New...
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Breaking Barriers & Defining The Odds

Using forearm crutches to move around is a way of life that I have come to know all too well. As a person with...
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Vlog 2 – Disability Confrontation – But Why?

Vlog 2 - Disability Confrontation - But Why? PART ONE The month of the Geminis and everyone seems to be telling me. I’m not so sure I...
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And Next Up 💥💥💥 The Uphill Battles That I Have Been Climbing Since I...

And next up 💥💥💥 the uphill battles that i have been climbing since i entered this beautiful world. Ive been carefully crafted by the...
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Exploring Colombia walking with crutches

Exploring Colombia walking with crutches #disabled #adventure Straight running through Colombia. As fast as I possibly can #walking #borndifferent
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I’ve Never Experienced Pain Like This

( REPOST ) I’ve never experienced pain like this 🌀I’ve never been this exhausted to the point where I couldn’t open my eyes. stress! 🌀 i’ve...
walking with crutches

Walking On Crutches In The Shopping Mall Of Colombia 🇨🇴😍

Walking on crutches in the shopping mall of Colombia 🇨🇴😍 #disabled #walking
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what in the actual f*^#%

@airbnb what in the actual f*^#% I have been denied entry into my Airbnb unit, even with payment in advance because the host Andres is refusing...
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The Sidewalks Are Broken & Cobblestone 🚷🚷

The sidewalks are broken & cobblestone- causing me to have to use the bike lanes for access🚷🚷