Why Branding Is Important For Visibility

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I am constantly coming up with creative ways to expose my talent, perseverance, determination or whatever you want to call this day-to-day hustle that I call life.

There are so many things that I want to do.. haha I can’t even start with the list for this month; yet alone my “grocery list of goals” for the next 5 years.

Branding Yourself.. Because You Are Unique

The more that you set yourself apart from the “noise” – you will be noticed, if that’s what you want.

Does It Make Sense To Brand Yourself?

— Can you make other people feel better about themselves?
— Do you inspire to clean up the world and take care of problems that aren’t necessary yours but you feel good when you do it?
— Is there something that makes you special that you want more people to know about?
— What are some goals that you have and how will you get there?
— Can you think of something that makes you happy and you wish that you could do everything? — well you better start hustling so you can find people to pay you for that passion.. :fire:

When it comes down to branding.. finding that creative outlet that people can use to find you so that you can make them a better person or deliver high-quality content.. yah that’s real talk.

Are you ready to reach mass amounts of people?

How do you know that branding is really right for you? Sometimes I think it can be a really good thing or an absolute curse, depending on what you are pushing out. Basically branding.. to my understanding.. is packaging yourself up.. in a way that someone can just put that package in front of a person and they immediately know what you are about, what you represent, trying to sell / give-away / inspire – what the end goal is around that package.

How many outlets are necessary?

I may not be the one to answer this question properly because I am on mass amounts of social media networks + my own websites.

Just look at this screenshot below.. this isn’t half of the networks that I’m listed on.
melissa divietri social

To be honest, take a step back… and think about what you really want to achieve by branding yourself.

Just be yourself and things will start to happen.

#nofilter … in more ways than one 😂

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